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  Prog.: Indie 100 Vol.1

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20 tracks in playlist, length: 1 hour 16 minutes 31 seconds

1. air - once upon a time (5:02)
2. pulp - do you remember the first time (4:22)
3. inspiral carpets - this is how it feels (3:13)
4. elliott smith - son of sam (3:04)
5. pavement - here (3:56)
6. super furry animals - hello sunshine (3:35)
7. plastic operator - Folder (4:14)
8. cornershop - brimful of asha (4:08)
9. stereolab - cybele's reverie (4:42)
10. camera obscura - san francisco song (2:17)
11. the eels - your lucky day in hell (4:28)
12. smog - bathysphere (4:49)
13. ash - kung fu (2:17)
14. bran van 3000 - drinking in l.a. (3:56)
15. the shamen - ebeneezer goode (3:39)
16. the stone roses - begging you (4:56)
17. the ark - this piece of poetry is meant to do harm (3:29)
18. blur - parklife (3:05)
19. gorillaz - tomorrow comes today (3:12)
20. julee cruise - this is our night (4:07)



任何时期的独立音乐家通常都会起而反对流行趋势,比如1980年的矫饰流行(twee pop)运动是对当时睾酮过剩的摇滚主流之反动;又如,低保真(lo-fi)美学——故意不美化修饰音色,而追求更“真实”的原始与非完美,是对商业化音乐工业极力维护的圆滑、经美化修饰的录音唱片之反动。不过这条界线已越来越模糊,一方面,毕竟,高质量录音越来越容易实现,如采用并不太昂贵的计算机音乐系统,另一方面,商业制作团队也在有意利用lo-fi之声行商业牟利之实。

Cultural and philosophical attributes of indie
from wiki
There are a number of cultural and philosophical traits which could be more useful in pinpointing what indie music is about than specific musical styles or commercial ownership. Indie artists are concerned more with self-expression than commercial considerations (though, again, this is a stance that is affected by many artists, including hugely commercially successful ones). A do-it-yourself sensibility, which originated with punk in the 1970s, is often associated with indie, with people in the scene being involved in bands, labels, nights and zines. Indie often has an internationalist outlook, which stems from a sense of solidarity with other fans, bands and labels in other countries who share one's particular sensibilities; small indie labels will often distribute records for similar labels from abroad, and indie bands will often go on self-funded tours of other cities and countries, where those in the local indie scenes will invariably help organize gigs and often provide accommodation and other support. In addition, there is also a strong sense of camaraderie that emerges from a selflessness among indie bands and often results in collaborations and joint tours.
Indie artists of any particular time often go against the prevailing trends (for example, the twee pop movement that started in the 1980s was a reaction against the testosterone-fueled swagger of rock). A 'lo-fi' aesthetic (i.e., an often deliberate lack of polish and a more "authentic" roughness and imperfection) has often been associated with indie, particularly when slick, polished recordings were the preserve of the commercial music industry; this line has since become blurred, in a world where high-quality recordings can be made increasingly easily with inexpensive computer-based recording systems and where commercial production teams often deliberately utilize a "lo-fi" sound.